About Hands of Aloha (English)

Hands of Aloha / Terry Chew

· Hawaiian Lomilomi

· Traditional Thai

· Balinese

· Shiatsu

· Swedish

· Chi Nei Tsang

· Deep Tissue

· Reflexology

· Cranial Sacral

· Foot Bone Alignment

· Natural Body Adjusting

The spirit of the massage is a unique experience into body and spiritual awareness.
This journey leaves you relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed.

Terry has trained in 1000's of hours of specialized study of various disciplines and integrates these ancient healing art forms.

Most of the training came from master healers in small villages from the native lands of Hawaii ,Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions of the world.

Each massage is customized for your physical, mental and spiritual needs, experienced through breath, calm and energy flow.
The diversity of therapies are blended into a harmonious flowing session for a complete body alignment.

Terry has an innate gift that has been nurtured since childhood,
and continues to grow with the fullness of his dream quest of contributing to the healing of your mind, body and soul.
His fingers touch your body with his wisdom, while his spirit and heart touch the depths of wellness in your “being.”

After the experience of the healing arts of the massage, you will sense a different ‘knowing” along your channels of energy, feel relief from your tension, movement of your toxins, stimulated circulation,tranquility and a sense of peacefulness.

E malama pono,

Hands of Aloha
Terry Chew
Hawaii +1 808 280 4006


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